Monday, January 10, 2011

"A Truth Intention Avoiding Tension "

Assalamualaikum...my fellow brothers and sisters, how are you today? is that your day is better than before? or in contrast even bad than before? ehmm... I remember a famous proverb that I'm not sure it is belong to whom, but may ALLAH bless him of his meaningful words... ''yesterday was a history, today is the reality, and tomorrow is a mystery.." right?  we surely agree that all things that had passed is kept in heart in the file manager of history.. sometimes we want to delete it, but it was so hard, sometimes we want to keep it, but it was too large.. why do Ibnurijal write today's post in english? there is two purpose. firstly, because I've got a request from friends that non-malay  whose want to join this blog, they really want to read, so I try to make it as best as I can to make this blog as a medium of dakwah to all humans in this world. for those friends, thank you very2 much for supporting me.. may ALLAH bless all of you..
emm... what about the second reason? actually it is related with our topic today, about 'intention'.. yes, intention which what we called ''niat" in malay.. this is the biggest thing that we must hold in our life. yeah I agreed that we always that take this thing for granted. what to do with niat? just a heart-crossing or just a few phrases that out from our mouth which sometimes we ourself does not understand what was it means. we just been told to do so, than we do. right? in islam, "niat" is the basic thing. especially in our ibadah. look, at every single ibadah there is an intention in it "rukun" and it always been stated as the first rukun, or known as "arkanul akbar". take ablutions, ghuls for instance, it will never been accepted if we don't have 'niat' in it. the word intention itself shows  a meaning which something that someone 'intense' to do. what does it means? it show that we do it with our own intense, not being forced by anyone. that why we were told to say  "sahaja aku " in every intention of ibadah that we make. from this teaches, it will come sincerity in our ibadah.
  look at sahih Bukhari, the first hadith in that book is about intention. sounds like this; "narrated by umar al khatab: I heard ALLAH's apostle saying, the reward of deeds depends upon INTENTIONS, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended........................."
now see? how important of intention in life till the prophet press on this matter earlier than others.. for me, I believe that a truth and sincere intention are the secret of success in life.. yes. I tell you this because I've experienced myself the magical of  setting a sincere intention..
 yeah I agreed that sometimes we feel to give up when we have to to face a bitter fate. but as muslim, we must believe that is the best thing that ALLAH Almighty had planned to us. it is fate.. that why ALLAH said in holy quran, "sometimes we might hate somethings, but it is good for us, and sometimes we might love something but it is bad for us.. in this temporary life, sometimes we stand at the peak of victory, sometimes we sit among the losers.. try to think back, how many times when we met a success, we returned the praises to ALLAH? and how many times when we fail, we keep blaming the fate that was fixed by ALLAH? as the saiyyidina Ali r.a said, the challenge is actually the proses for ALLAH to upgrade our position in HIS side. subhana ALLAH....
 I remember Rumi who said; "God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.." what a such deep in meaning, don't you agree?
 this is what was happened to me.. as a new student of IIUM, it is like a compulsory for us to stay in a language enhancement class for unknown semesters before enter the kulliyah. for me, it will prolong the time, and wasting money to stay in those classes.  everyday I went to class just for signed the attendance.
I had never thing about the lesson or new knowledge that I would get. I am just thinking to finished the semesters as soon as possible. while at the same time I keep blaming the fate, why should I be in this classes, all my friends in other universities had started their kuliyyah, but I have to "wait"  for a long long time..  at the same time, one of my friends who was also be in language class as me, just smile and said be redha and set our 'niat' to study. nothing to afraid of.. see, we both had a same situation, and we both went to the classes. but, his intention to study, my intention to finish the semester as soon as possible.. to make it short, when our result released, he can exit to the kuliyyah. but me have to stand for another semester. oouucchh! very pain! as usual, I go to class everyday just to sign the attendance. I felt very bored like I can't stand anymore with this condition... but, one day, i was thinking that, why don't I set my intention to seek for knowledge like my aforementioned friend did... starting from that day, I went to the class as usual, but this time with different intention, I WANT TO STUDY... you know, what I've seen? I see all my  previous fault  from secondary school in todays lessons. I feel not boring anymore,. I've got a lot of new knowledge even not about the language, new friends, and the biggest thing that I've got for setting my 'new intention' is, now I know the secret of life... see, this is my second reason why my post today is in English.. this is because that language enhancement  class is teaching English! and this is my effort from my intention to study, I adapted the fate as a gift from ALLAH.. now, see my English, it is better? hope so... ehmmm.. my friends.. starting from this moment, let us set our 'niat' in living in this world.. we will see the happy ending.. ALLAH said in surah Azzariyyat; "and WE does not created genes and humans except to worship ME.."
do you get me? ok.. good luck for a new intention my friends..

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